Gottex Couture is the most luxurious range of swimwear in the world, and it is one that completely goes beyond the expectations of great swimwear. This particular design uses a system of vertical bars to create a giant leaf print, something that swimwear designers don't often use. They like to fill the canvas with little floral motifs, but sometimes less is more and filling the space with something big and bold is best. Speaking of bold, the one shoulder design and the multi strapped back is one of the most striking combos we have ever seen. This item is soft cupped for comfort.

WOLF & WHISTLE White High Waist Bikini Bottoms


With a flattering high waist silhouette, this bikini    bottoms is your perfect poolside partner.

Anita Comfort is one of the best designers for plus size and curvy women in the world of swimwear. This design is one for women who want some that is both striking and timeless. Contradictory, you say. But Anita have the answer. The colour is eye catching as it is not usually seen on the beach or by the pool, and one great sea of colour is often more striking than a canvas of bright shades. The timeless comes from the beautiful but demure ruched front. Simple and elegant lines that give a cross over effect that draws attention to your upper figure, and a plain material on the sides making an hourglass effect in the centre. This is how you balance a swimsuit's design. This design has a soft cup and a medium back for a little more coverage.
Jump is a very creative and imaginative design, with elements you don't often see in swimwear. For example, many designers want their swimsuits to be super streamlined, but Clover Lewis has added a multi-layered front, with a white base and a three dimensional blue layer above. This makes it far more outstanding on the eye, with more of an impression made than a simple print. Even fashion swimwear is reluctant to miss out on that streamlined build, even if its something you would never do any serious swimming in, but Clover Lewis is brave enough to take that plunge. And of course, this item, like all from this designer, is a mastectomy swimsuit, so you will get two pockets ready for inserts and a cut and fit that compliments your figure subtly but effectively.
Miramar, named after a part of the sunny city of San Diego in the USA, is the quintessential West Coast garment. There are plenty of colourful swimsuits around, no doubt, but this one moves away from the sharp and sugary colour schemes out there and goes for the other end of the spectrum, quite literally. Instead of a candyfloss pink, Phax have used a dusky pink, sticking to the new trend of hazy halcyon tones, like something from a Mojave sunset. This gives Miramar an unbeatably laid back appearance that other colourful items just can't muster. This swimsuit is lazer cut for a high quality finish and has removeable, soft cups for a comfy and custom fit.
Swimsuit with an opening and criss-cross straps