Today I’m going to speak  about one of my favorite themes: travel outfit. Nowadays traveling become a lifestyle. I can’t remember the source 🙂 but I have read that “new generation” doesn’t invest in  material capital, they even don’t buy houses they rent them. The main investment  they realize is –  ”creating memories”  – traveling, exploring new places, discovering interesting history etc.  As a young trendy girl 🙂 for me travel clothes should be comfortable and fashionable! There are two type of clothes I usually take with me: casual and sporty.  Casual style is for visiting museums, theatre, restaurants etc.  Sporty cloths are comfortable for  backpacking, excursions etc. Here I have collected 2 type of looks for men and women:



These brogues are ideal for me in autumn. Honestly I got 2 pairs of it. Different colors, of course 😀

Leather is irreplaceable for autumn rainy days in foreign countries. And, of course, it is very stylish and sexy when man wears  goooood  leather boots and jacket! 🙂

When I was a child there was also a trend of puffer jackets, but unfortunately, there was a problem with colors. Nowadays it is really great that You can own yellow puffer jacket,  red, blue or even of interesting color 😀